Gum Grafting

Gum Contouring

Many factors come together to create a perfect smile. Healthy gum tissue forms a stark contrast to white teeth, framing their appearance, much like a piece of fine art in a frame. The gum tissue wraps around the neck of each tooth in a scalloped fashion. There can be variations in the texture, thickness, height, and color tone of different tissues, but all influence the appearance. Occasionally gums can be contoured to complement the smile. Fortunately, laser technology often makes this procedure quick, painless, and dramatic. Once treatment is complete, the results can be seen immediately, and after a few days, your gums look perfectly natural.

Gum Grafting

Gums can break down to the point where they cannot regenerate and become healthy again—this is a condition known as Gum Recession. Once Gum Recession starts, it can leave your roots exposed, leaving your mouth more vulnerable to conditions like tooth decay. When the gums start to recede, Dr. Mellert can take samples of your live tissue, fix it to your gums and grow that new tissue in the damaged area to create new gums.

Bone Grafting

Bone in the mouth can be affected by advanced stages of dental decay or periodontal disease causing them to become weak and break down. If this happens, Dr. Mellert can take samples of your live bone, attach it to the affected area, and allow that area to re-grow and repair itself.